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Photos of the rooms and the structure, the Baroque (UNESCO) and our fantastic beaches overlooking the Mediterranean ...


Rent a scooter FREE

Customers who will stay in our hotel will have free rental of a scooter for each room. The offer does not include the cost of fuel and the scooter will be delivered after breakfast, after any possible reservations with the room. The offer is not valid for the months of July and August, do not apply to the individual and are not cumulative.


Holiday House Marina di Ragusa

Casavacanze, also three tourist apartments 450m from the sea, fully furnished with all the comforts and equipped with air conditioning.

Marina di Ragusa, BLUE FLAG overlooking the Mediterranean.


B&B Spiagge Iblee.
Via Donna Lucata, 31
Marina di Ragusa, RG 97100
T: (0932) 615-352
C: (333) 5625-809
P.IVA: 01360470882